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Thanksgiving 2014 @ Rose’s (Holiday Menu)

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

Rainbow Meadow Farms is raising Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys for us on their farm in Snow Hill.  They are an old slow-growing (these birds have been on the ground since June!) American breed of turkey that are being brought back for its excellent flavor and beautiful appearance.  This is an excellent chance to put a truly unique and flavorful bird on you holiday table!

Ashley Farms is supplying us with Free Range turkeys as well.  While not a heritage breed these birds are raised to our same standards and will provide a good lower cost option. 

  • Cost is $6.75/# for the RMF Broad Breasted Turkeys and $5.00/# for the Ashley Farms Turkeys. We are taking a twenty dollar deposit at the time of order.


  • Size of the birds will be between fifteen and twenty pounds. At the time of order please tell us your desired weight and we will do our best to get you close to that.


  • Turkey Parts! We can take a limited amount of orders for turkey parts.  This will be on a supply basis.  Please tell us what you are looking for and we will try to pair you with someone who prefers the opposite color meat.


  • Pick-up. Turkeys will be available for pick up the Tuesday and Wednesday before the holiday.

Holiday Hams! 

We offer two types of ham for the holiday season.  Our hams come pre-cooked and vacuum packaged.  You can either slow roast them in the oven to heat them or heat them directly in the bag.  The Hampshire ham will take a good glaze well while the Suffolk ham needs no condiment except some good mustard.  We ask for a two week pre-order and a $20 deposit on our hams as they are made to order!

Hampshire Hams
• This is our version of a smoked holiday Ham. Its recipe is derived from an old English recipe that uses cider and molasses as the brine for the pork. It is then smoked to give it a good flavor and golden color.

• The Hampshire Ham is available two ways:
o “City Ham” – The bone-in hock end of the leg. Great for roasting and endless leftover meals, this will make an excellent presentation at your holiday table. Give us your target weight and we will do our best to get close to it. Sizes available are between 9 and 15 pounds. Cost of this ham is $10.99/#
• Boneless Petite Ham- The boneless version of the above ham. Available in sizes of 5 to 7 pounds. Cost of this ham is 12.99/#

Suffolk Hams

 These hams take the word “Ham” to a new level! They are made from the shoulder end of the loin, one of the most flavorful cuts on the animal. (You may recognize it by its Italian name, the “Coppa”) It is first cured with salt and then soaked in a marinade of black beer, molasses and spices. The Suffolk ham will definitely make your holiday table a unique and memorable one!
• The Suffolk ham is available in one size which is between 4 ½ and 5 pounds. The cost is $14.99/#


Apple Galette:  If you love crust equally as much as the filling a galette would be a great choice for the holidays. Plain Apple, Apple and Sour Cherry, or Apple Almond Crumble.

Individual to two person size $5,

8 inch serves 6-8  $25,

10 inch  serves 8-10 for $30

12 inch serving 12-14 for $35.                                                                            


Chocolate and Sea Salt Ganache Tarts:   These tarts have a flaky shortbread crust and the filling is a rich chocolate ganache.

Individual tart for $4.25

10 inch tart serves 12-14 people for $55.                                                       


Lemon Meringue Tarts:  Tangy lemon curd in a shortbread crust with a fluffy meringue topping.  Individual tarts for $4.25

10 inch tart serves  8-10 people for $40.                                                                                       


Fresh Ginger Cake:  Spicy and sweet cake made with molasses, fresh ginger and cloves.

6 inch cake  serves  6 people for $25

8 inch cake serves 8-10 people for $35


Apple Pecan Cake: This cake is full of fresh apples and pecans, hints of cinnamon and clove and glazed in a buttery vanilla syrup.

6 inch cake serves 6 people for $25

8 inch cake serves 8-10 people for $35


Cream Puffs: Pate de Choux filled with vanilla pastry cream.  Can be dipped in chocolate or without.

Larger Chocolate Dipped $2.50/each

Smaller Chocolate Dipped $1.50/each

Larger non-chocolate $2.00/each

Smaller non-chocolate $1.50/each



Choose from Gingersnaps, Chocolate Wafers, Lemon Shortbread and Almond Biscotti.  Mix and Match $13/pound roughly 30-35 cookies.  Riccarelli (Almond Cookies) $16 pound. Cookies can also be made smaller upon request.


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