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Please Alert us to any allergies when ordering!

Steamed Bun • $6

Red Braised Pork , Chili Oil

Vegetarian Steamed Bun • $5

Curry Carrot &  Filling, Chili Oil

Smashed Tofu Salad • $15

Shallots, Mint, Oyster Mushroom, Chili (vegan)

Roasted Chicken Spring Rolls • $13

Chili Jam, Herbs, Rice Noodles

Beef & Pickled Chili Dumplings • $13

Garlic Chive Sauce

Pickle Plate• $10

3-4 Seasonal Veggies in Different Preparations


Wok Celtuce $11.00

Black Mushrooms, Green Onion Oil, Moromi Miso

Wilted Spinach $11.00

Ground Chicken, Galangal, Cashews, Lime

 Sugarloaf Radicchio $11.00

Pecan Miso, Turnips, Spring Onion

Crunchy Cabbage $11.00

Fermented Tea, Peanuts, Herbs, Dried Shrimp (optional)

 Try Two Half Size Salads On One Plate $15.00
(on premise dining only)


Katsu Sando • $18

Milkbread, Cabbage, Sweet Mayo, Tonka Sauce

Tom Yum Mama Noodle • $25

Cashews, Shrimp, Kaffir Lime

Oil Poached Bonito • $15

Chinese Celery, Sungold Tomatoes, Yuzu


Soy Tonkotsu Ramen • $22.00

Pork Belly, Mushrooms, Soy Marinated Egg

Pickled Chili Grilled Fish • $40.00

Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Oyster Mushrooms, Claypot Rice
(dine-in only)


(Choice of:)

-Spicy Pork Belly Sauce, Shanxi Vinegar, Sweet Onion, Cilantro • $19.00

-Wok Winter Veggies, Mushrooms, Spicy Sesame Sauce• $17.00

(Vegan, Gluten Free Noodles Available)

Lunch Special!

Thurs/Fri 11am-5pm

1) Steam Bun with a Half Salad and a house Iced Jasmine Tea
$11 w/meat bun and $10 w/ veggie filling bun

2) 1/2 Pork Katsu Sandwich with a Half Salad and a Tea for $14

3) $13 Two Salad Plate


(Served Saturday 11am-1pm & Sunday 10am-1pm)

Hot & Sour Sweet Potato Noodles • $14.00

Greens, Ground Pork, Sichuan Pepper, Peanuts

Thai Rice Soup • $14.00

Fish Balls, Chicken Broth, Fried Egg, Herbs

Breakfast Rice Porridge • $13.00

Ground Pork, Greens, Fried Egg, Cilantro

Beef Pho • $17.00

Sliced Shank, Raw Beef, Cilantro, Sate Sauce

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